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A New Start, a New Beginning


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Houses Made Anew

Ragnarok Construction: Your Trusted Remodeling Company 

In ancient Norse mythology, Ragnarok is the great battle amongst the gods at the end of days. When the war is finally over, the new gods will emerge victoriously into the land of Idavoll, where the fields are green and the world is built anew.

In real life, when your siding, roof, or home has reached its “Ragnarok,” call us at Ragnarok Construction in Decorah, Iowa, and let us go into battle for you. We will make that old roof, siding, or interior new again.

Meet Matthew Nolan Downing

Owner and Carpenter

     I've been  roofing , siding  and remodeling houses since 1995. I joined the U.S. Army in 2000, serving with 1st Cavalry Division, Ft. Hood, Tx. in the Heavy Mortar Infantry. I got out in 2004 and returned to the construction trades. Through the years I've built houses, I enjoyed remodeling homes and specialize in roofing, siding, and many other construction projects.”

      I take a very professional, organized, strategic approach to my work. I value customer feed back and I'm very friendly, honest and easy to work with. I have an eye for detail and I also keep in mind weather concerns,  landscaping and other details. 

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What We Do